Following are downloadable application forms for the most common Town Licenses and Business Registration.  Some of the applications also include relevant local ordinance information.

~ Download Forms and Documents Below (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader):  Get Adobe Reader
Taxi Rates are set by the Town Council.  Complaints about taxi or limousine charges or conduct are accepted by the Commission on Motor Vehicles for Hire.  Please visit the Commision on Motor Vehicles for Hire page for information about the Commission and for a zone map and rates.

   For Commercial Shelfish License information, please visit the Harbor Department page.

Application for Bicycle Rental License

Application for Dog License

Application for Game License

Application for Hack License

Application for Rental Room License

Application for Rooming House License

Application for Victualling License

Application & Ordinance - Special Events

Application & Ordinance - Outdoor Entertainment

Business Registration

Application for Vehicle for Hire

Application for Chauffeur's License

Application for Hawkers License

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