Deputy Fire Marshal/Fire Inspector

Position:  Deputy Fire Marshal/Fire Inspector
Department:   Building Department

Supervisor:   Town Manager/Building Official

Hours: 20 hours per week

Classification: Labor Grade E Classification (This position is affiliated with Council 94) Step 1 starts at $16.62 per hour; upon successful completion of a six month probationary period, a step increase is possible.  Single Benefits

This position is under the direction of the State Fire Marshals to carry out the purposes of RI General Laws §23-28.1 – 28.39. 

Job Summary:
  The Town of New Shoreham, Rhode Island is looking for a Deputy Fire Marshal/Fire Inspector.

1.       Respond to fire alarm calls.  Follow up with a report to Block Island Volunteer Fire Department (BIVFD) and the Building Official Report to State Fire Marshal’s office when necessary.

2.      Issue fines for nuisance fire alarm calls through the town Building Official’s office.


3.      Follow up on repair issues with the fire alarm systems that were not resolved on the initial call and issue fines as needed.


4.     Enforce installation of emergency key access knox boxes on commercial buildings.  Document location of and maintain working condition of knox boxes.


5.      Oversee sprinkler system inspections and testing.  Follow up with report to Town Building Official’s office and Block Island Volunteer Fire Department.


6.      Document locations of Fire Department hookups, sprinklers and stand pipes.


7.      Conduct all Fire Alarm inspections in commercial and residential buildings.


8.      Inspect all underground water supply tanks used for firefighting purposes and dry hydrants and work with Block Island Water Company to inspect Town hydrant system.  Follow up with report to Town Building Official’s office and BIFVD.


9.     Work with State Fire Marshal to document and preplan of commercial and residential buildings and locations. 


10.   Oversee working condition of Town run alarm system.


11.   Respond to all emergency incidents and calls for service as directed by the Fire Chief.

12.   Represent Town of New Shoreham and BIVFD at State Board of Appeal and Review Board.

13.   Work with Town Building Department to schedule and conduct inspections of existing and new structures for compliance with fire codes.

14.   Calculate water flow requirements for buildings.  


15.   Respond to complaints regarding life and safety code violations.


16.   Participate organize fire prevention program activities in the community.


17.   Perform all other duties deemed necessary by Town Manager and Building Official.

 Minimum Qualifications: Minimum high school diploma or GED.    Applicant must understand standardized fire code interpretation through certification of assistant deputy state fire marshals.   Applicant must be National Fire Protection Association certified, or such other comparable national standard as determined by the State Fire Marshal by January 1, 2022.    The selected applicant must be a member or become a member of the BIVFD within three months of hire.  Applicant must possess and maintain a valid Rhode Island driver’s license. 

Applications are available at  For further information please contact the Town Manager at .  Return applications to Maryanne Crawford, CPA, Town Manager  by 3:00 pm on  November 23, 2020.  EOE

Posted:  11/4/2020


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