FY2019 Budget Documents - 04/30/18

The following FY2019 budget documents are available for review/download:

      Budget Documents for Financial Town Meeting (FTM)
         Budget for FTM
         Budget Transmittal Letter     
         General Fund Budget Overview
         CIP Warrant - BI Landfill Slope Repairs
         CIP Warrant - CAI Broadband Deployment
         CIP Warrant - Island-Wide Broadband
         CIP Warrant - Residential Rental Housing
         Block Island Land Trust Report to Financial Town Meeting
         Block Island Housing Board Annual Report July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017
         Treasurer's Report for Financial Town Meeting

      Previous Budget Documents
         FY2019 Town Council Budget Schedule

         FY2019 Budget for Public Hearing 4/4/2018 *
         FY2019 Worksession Proposed General Fund Budget Amendments 3/28/2018 *
         FY2019 Budget Transmittal Letter
         FY2019 General Fund Budget Overview
         FY2019 General Fund Budget Presented to Town Council




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