BIHS Board of Directors Meeting - 11/04/18

Block Island
Health Services, Inc
Board of Directors Meeting Agenda
Thursday, December 6, 2018 @ 4pm
Medical Center Conference Room - Second Floor

to order
Public Comment
Approval of open meeting minutes 10/29/18
Medical Director's Report
Committee Reports
Discuss and act upon recommendations to amend the BIHS "Risk Tolerance" presently on file with Fidelity and prioritize capital retention in our investment
   ·       Discuss and act upon recommended options for funds donated to Capital Campaign 
   Property Management
   Unfinished Business
New Business

Adjourn open session

Call to order closed session
   Approval of closed meeting minutes 10/29/18
Discuss and vote on proposed 2019 budget including salaries
   Continue discussion on Strategic Planning

Adjourn closed session and return to open session

Date of next board meeting

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