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Kate Campanale

Commission Members

Term Exp.

Edward P. Phillips, Jr., Chair


Fred Leeder, Vice Chair


Donald Littlefield


Leslie Slate


Marea Mott


David Roosa


John Hopf


          Appointed, 3 year terms, run thru December

Excerpt from Town Charter, Article IX Boards and Commissions, 902.:

     There shall be a Conservation Commission for the Town, appointed by the Town Council, which shall have the purpose and functions of such commissions as set forth in state law, subject to the direction of the Town Council not inconsistent with state law.  The Conservation Commission shall consist of not less than three nor more than seven members as the Town Council shall determine, each to serve for a term of three years, said terms to be so arranged that as nearly as possible an equal number of terms shall expire each year.  The Town Council may provide by ordinance for the organization of the board, filling of vacancies, provision of technical assistance, and such other matters in relation to the operation and work of the board as the Council may deem appropriate.

The Commission meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 5:00pm at Town Hall.  The agenda deadline is the Tuesday prior.  Please check with the Conservation Commission Clerk at 466-3216 to confirm meeting schedule.

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