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Jennifer Brady-Brown

Board Members

Term Exp.

Margaret Comings, Chair


Sven Risom, Vice Chair


Sam Bird


John Spier


H. Dennis Heinz 


Socha Cohen


Mary Anderson


     5 year staggered terms run through December

Excerpt from Town Charter, Article VI Financial Provisions, 606.:

     There shall be a Planning Board for the Town appointed by the Town Council, which shall have the duties and responsibilities provided for in state law and such additional duties and responsibilities as may be prescribed by the Town Council not in conflict with state law.  The Planning Board shall consist of such number of members, not less than five, as the Town Council shall determine, each to be appointed for a five year term, said terms to be so arranged that as nearly as possible an equal number of terms shall expire each year.  The Town Council may provide by ordinance for the organization of the board, compensation of its members, filling of vacancies, provision of technical assistance, and such other matters in relation to the operation of the board as the Council may deem appropriate.

The Planning Board meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm at Town Hall.  The agenda deadline is 14 days prior.  Please check with the Land Use Administrative Officer at 466-3205 to confirm meeting schedule.

Please visit the Building, Zoning, Land Use and Planning page for information on Planning Board projects and documents.

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