GIS Manager:         

Alison Ring

IT Services:

Michele Spero

Geographic Information System

The Town recently began an initiative to modernize its Geographic Information System capabilities and position the GIS to integrate with other Town information sources, such as the Appraisal Vision® property valuation application, building permit database, fire number assignment database and Land Trust database.  The first step in this process is conversion of the Town's parcel-related data from legacy datasets to a parcel geo-database.  This geo-database incorporates parcel boundaries and other land rights and restrictions features (e.g. rights of way, easements, conservation restrictions).  This conversion will enable production of the Town's twenty Plat Maps directly from the GIS and provide a direct link to the Appraisal Vision® property valuation application. 

Look for more details in coming weeks!  See the Maps page for additional information.

Information Technology Services

The Information Technology Services function supports the operations of Town departments by:

  • providing and maintaining a stable and reliable technology infrastructure in accordance with IT best practices
  • providing for data reliability, backup and recovery
  • working with departments to leverage information technology to improve inter- and intra- department operations and services to the public
  • providing end-user assistance and training in the use of equipment and software applications
  • managing the the life cycle of Town information technology assets, including equipment, softwre and communications from acquisition through disposal.

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