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Building Official:

Marc Tillson

Minimum Housing Inspector:

Wayne Pinkham

Land Use Administrative Officer:

Jennifer Brady-Brown

Administrative Assistant:

Hunter Barto / Hillary Stewart

Town Planner:

Alison Ring

The Building Official is responsible for:
  • local enforcement of the RI State Building Code
  • as Zoning Enforcement Officer, administration and enforcement of the Town's Zoning Ordinances
  • local enforcement for Department of Environmental Management, Division of Groundwater and Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (OWTS, formerly ISDS) to ensure proper installation of OWTS
  • local enforcement and inspection of the Town's environmental ordinances, such as the Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Ordinance and the removal of Underground Storage Tanks.
  • local enforcement of the RI Building Contractors Registration Law.
               Application for Building Permit
               Application for Building Permit - Addendum
               Application for Electrical Permit
               Application for Mechanical Permit
Application for Plumbing Permit

The Land Use Administrative Officer is responsible for:

  • administration of the Land Development and Subdivision regulations for the Planning Board and Zoning Regulations of the Town of New Shoreham.
  • administrative support for the Planning Board, Zoning Board, Historic District, and Conservation Commission.
  • working with outside agencies such as Statewide Planning and DEM , Town Officials and all applicants.
  • serving as chair of the Technical Review Committee.
  • meeting with applicants and assisting in the development of the applications.
  • coordinating all proposed land development projects and subdivisions with applicable federal, state and local laws.
  • coordinating the enforcement efforts of the zoning enforcement officer, the building official, planning department, town engineer, department of public works, and other local officials responsible for the enforcement or execution of elements of the local regulations.

~ Links:

         RI State Building Code

~ Documents and Maps: 

  • The Town's Zoning Ordinance, Land Development and Subdivision Regulations are available on our ClerkBase page.

~ Download Forms and Documents Below (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader):  Get Adobe Reader
Some department forms, such as the Building Permit Application, are provided for reference only.  This form is a multi-part form that must be completed at the Building Department.  For forms applicable to properties in the Historic District, please refer to the Historic District Commission page under Boards, Commissions and Committees.

Application for Building Permit

Application for Building Permit-Addendum

Form - Building Permit Owner Affidavit

Application for Land Development and Subdivision

Application for Mylar Review

Application for Variance or Special Use Permit

Application for Zoning Appeal

Approved Amendment-Flood Overlay

New Shoreham Energy Plan

Proposed Zoning Change - Section 704

5. The Great Salt Pond

6. Housing

2. Historic & Cultural Resources

10. Natural Hazards & Climate Change

1. Introduction

3. Natural Resources

4. Recreation and Conservation Areas

7. Economic Development

8. Transportation

11. Land Use

9. Services and Facilities

Map ED1 Agriculture


Map NHC1 Flood Zones

Map NHC2 Hurricane Inundation

Map NHC3 SeaLevel Rise


Map NR1 SurfaceWater & Aquifers

Map NR3 Protected Open Space

MapHC1 Historic & Cultural Sites

MapNR2 Habitats

MapRC1 Recreation

MapT1 Transportation Network

MapLU1_Existing Land Use


MapLU3_Future Land Use

MapSF1_Town Facilities



12. Implementation Program

Cover, Acknowledgements, TOC, Definitions

NS Comprehensive Plan 2016

Map HC1 Historic & Cultural Resources

April 19th Public Open House Handout

Transportation Planning Study Area Map

Sea Level Rise Projections Map

Plastic Bag Ordinance Draft

Corn Neck Road Planning Study, Dec 2017

Hazard Mitigation Plan Adopted July 5, 2017

FEMA FIRM Map - 44009C0352J

FEMA FIRM Map - 44009C0353J

FEMA FIRM Map - 44009C0354J

FEMA FIRM Map - 44009C0356J

FEMA FIRM Map - 44009C0358J

FEMA FIRM Map - 44009C0361J

FEMA FIRM Map - 44009C0362J

FEMA FIRM Map - 44009C0363J

FEMA FIRM Map - 44009C0364J

FEMA Firm Map - 44009C0366J

FEMA FIRM Map - 44009C0368J


Application for Electrical Permit

Application for Mechanical Permit

Application for Plumbing Permit

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